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Nose surgeries have received a lot of attention in recent years via aesthetic rhinoplasty. Dr. Sawatzki has been a surgeon for many years and has treated numerous models and celebrities. However, in addition to the aesthetic consideration of the nose, there are also functional problems that you can have fixed at the same time. Because Dr Sawatzki is also a specialist in ENT, so that you also receive a functional diagnosis and treatment of your nose, which is not the task of the “ordinary” plastic surgeon.

Dr. Sawatzki: Medical Specialist & Surgeon

You can rely on the expert in nose surgery for flawlessly aesthetic and functional nose corrections. Since the mid-1990s, surgical interventions have been carried out on the nose in women and men, both aesthetically and functionally. After specialist training in ENT and additional qualifications in plastic surgery, he refined his knowledge at the Bodenseeklinik under Prof. Dr. Mang. The well known Mang-nose can be perfectly operated by him, in addition to other modern techniques. You can rest assured that the functional component of the nose will receive full attention from the ENT specialist.

In addition to the purely medical requirement, Dr. Sawatzki has an extraordinary sense of what the “right nose” should look like for the woman or man and, above all, how it fits the patient’s face. In a personal consultation, you can receive numerous before and after pictures with recommendations and ratings from patients. Besides to the northern European nose type, wonderful experiences can be shown with the oriental nose type.


  • Specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine
  • Additional qualification in plastic surgery

Holistic treatments

You will receive the complete range of nose corrections. If functional problems are to be operated on, these can be combined with aesthetic changes. Depending on the indication, functional nose surgeries are covered by health insurance companies. The cost estimate can be used to see the costs as a self-payer and the share from the health insurance company. We would be happy to advise you on this.

  • Aesthetic rhinoplasty
  • Functional rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty without surgery
  • Nose post-correction
  • Nasal septum
  • Mang-nose and much more
  • Nasal tip correction
  • Nasal bone fracture (broken nose)
  • Paranasal sinuses – nasal polyps
  • Rhinophyma (also bulbous nose)
  • Snore-Life (Treating Snoring)

Private clinics in Berlin and Munich

You will be operated according to German hospital standards in Munich or Berlin. In addition to the outpatient surgery, you can also be admitted as an inpatient if necessary. The consultation, discussion, operation and aftercare take place in the center of Munich. You have a convenient connection with public transport After an operation, however, you must be driven by a third party or taxi or private car in your own interest.

Customer ratings & TV reports

breite nase “Everything went as planned and I am absolutely happy with the first result. And I’m proud that I dared to do it”

Alexandra Tetzl

“I let Dr. Sawatzki do my nose. Good decision 🙂 He is a friendly, competent doctor. I can only recommend. Took his time and gave good advice. Result – more than satisfied 🙂 Thank you.”

Eva Sawatzka

“I got exactly the result I wanted and I’m very satisfied.”

Gabriela Munaico

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